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Welcome aboard the Nauti Buoy, our research facility's latest state of the art submarine;  capable of diving down deep waters and destroying anything that gets in the way.

Recently, our scientists have discovered some underwater ruins overrun by gigantic and dangerous sea creatures.

Your latest mission as the captain piloting this new vessel would be to traverse deep underwater and clear the site so it may be suitable for research.

We wish you and your crew a safe return!

Nauti Buoy is a classic retro 8-bit top-down shooter game, capable of being played on the original 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.


Menu Controls (Game Boy Button - Action)
A - Accept
B - Cancel
DPAD - Menu Selection
SELECT - Reset Game Progress (Title Screen Only)

Battle Controls (Game Boy Button - Action)
A - Shoot
DPAD - Player Movement (tap to just turn without moving)
START - Pause Game

メニューコントロール (Game Boy ボタン - 行動)
A - 決定
B - 戻る
DPAD - メニュー選択
SELECT - セーブデータをリセットする (タイトル画面に) 

戦闘コントロール (Game Boy ボタン - 行動)
A - 射撃
DPAD - プレイヤー移動
START - ゲームを一時停止

Development Info

This game was developed and entirely programmed in SM83 assembly language.

Huge shoutout to the GBDev Discord Group for helping out and giving us advice on how to do it!

The Emulicious emulator was also indispensable in debugging our game.

GitHub Repository
Here's a link to our codes and some documentation, please note that the codes can get pretty messy as this was our first time coding in assembly and creating a game for the Nintendo Game Boy!


Code: LapisRaider & TypeDefinition
Level Design: LapisRaider
Sound Effects: TypeDefinition
Japanese Translation: TypeDefinition (Sorry for the poor translation!)
Art: tenofold

Free Assets Used

Music: Great Melody 01, Great Melody 02, Radical Victory & Pitfall Death by GB Studio Community Assets(krümel).

Fonts: Super Legend Boy

Install instructions

Playing on an Emulator
You can play the game on an emulator. We reccommend Emulicious as it is cross-platform.

Playing on a Game Boy
You can also play the game on an actual Nintendo Game Boy by downloading the game into a flashcart.

Nauti Buoy comes in either Japanese or English! Just download the language you prefer to play in! As we translated the game into Japanese by ourselves without a professional, we apologise for the poor translation.

このゲームはエミュレーターでできる。クロスプラットフォームの Emulicious をお勧め。

Game Boy でする
このゲームをフラッシュカートにダウンロードすれば、 Game Boy でもできる。

Nauti Buoy は英語版も、日本語版もあり、お好みのバージョンをダウンロードして下さい。プロではなく、自分でゲームを日本語に翻訳したものですから、下手な翻訳で申し訳ございません。


nauti_buoy_jp.gb 128 kB
nauti_buoy_en.gb 128 kB

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